Debilitated venus in female horoscope

They will be highly disciplined, punctual and expect the same from their colleagues. These people can only give assurances of help through words but not through deeds. They do not care about maintaining relations with friends and relatives.

Canceling Debilitation – Bad Things Causing Good Things

Financial crimes, white collar offences, international mafia, stock exchange investments etc are dealt with ease. Few will become glamorous babas or gurus who have no spiritual power but can convince millions with their speeches. As long as they do not get into extra marital affairs, their lifestyle and professional success will be good.

Although they lack moral values, honesty etc, they tend to help women when situation arises. Their life will be comfortable since childhood but will suddenly lose all ancestral property when they grow up. They will acquire skill in either a sport, literature or any creative field but it will not be useful for long time. They will do good in jobs but not in business.

Their laziness, lack of discipline, addictions will bring their downfall. Venus is a natural benefic who represents gentle and refined attributes in man.

He can readily be classed next to natural benefic Jupiter. Of the four ends of human existence, viz. He represents lust passion , wife, love affairs, sexual pleasures, family bliss, amiability, dress, music, dancing, authorship, poetical faculty, law, vitality, vehicles, jewellery etc. Pleasures and luxuries, arts and crafts, feelings and emotions are all under his control. He has dominion over the ovaries, eyes, generative system, semen and phlegm and over diseases like diabetes, syphilis and gonorrhea. He is Rajasic in nature imperious disposition. Serious danger from dysentery.

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Mas rules the criminal and warring sensational feelings. In matrimonial matters, it is a well-known fact that Mars causes greater evil fan any other planet. One is likely to mortgage all his properties and get trouble in the generative organ often leading to surgical operation.

September 27, September 27, September 16, September 13, September 13, Your email address will not be published. Skip to content. According to the scriptures, Venus is Sukracharya, the undisputed leader and preceptor of the demons Asuras. The start of the dasha may appear very good, but the quality of the dasha can reduce as it progresses. Retrograde Mars in natal chart can bring out power issues, how to deal with conflict and aggression and anger.


As Mars has male energy, its retrogression can create problems with how you deal with maleness within. It is often seen in charts of females who have problems with their sexuality- they can be overtly aggressive or completely suppress their masculine side whereby creating imbalance in personality. Men have to watch they do not become too aggressive and angry. As Mars is about power, its retrogressions give a lot of power yet the individual does not understand their own power and how to use it properly. This can lead to its misuse. Mars rules Agni fire element so its retrogression can create too much fire or complete exhaustion.

They have to watch their metabolism. It can get speeded up or be totally dull.

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The chakra is Manipura, which deal with balance, vision and energy. Retrograde Mars will block the way this chakra works and create problems on a subtle level. Mars deals with logic and here the logic can get skewered or twisted. It can also make a person whose logic is unconventional but at the same time very powerful and they can reach places where others cannot as they have the ability to see things from backward to forward.

Mercury is the karaka of speech and intellect. Their thinking can also be different. They may be very bright thinkers, but not know how to express that or drive other crazy with their ideas, thinking they are the only ones who are the intelligent ones. Mercury travels close to the Sun and it is most likely to be combust. Combust and retrograde can make a person very prone to burn out and also unsure of how to deal with their Mercury.

Vakri Grahas - Retrograde Planets

Not an easy situation to be in. Mercury rules the prithvi earth bhuta. Prithvi deals with practical and stable. Prithvi also controls the Muladhara chakra. Mercury retrograde can make someone impractical and they are more likely to make their position unstable than those whose Mercury is direct. Retrograde Mercury would show some blocks to the Muladhara chakra. Jupiter retrograde usually never knows when to stop giving advice. They can be very knowledgeable yet they do not know how to use this knowledge in the right way.

They can also mistrust their own wisdom. On a positive level they can give look at issues with a very different viewpoint. They will also give advice that is unconventional and different. As Jupiter is the karaka of children, it can show children who are different. The classics say that if Jupiter is retrograde, it will definitely give children despite what else is promised otherwise in the chart.

This aspect does not always pan out but we can research it further. Jupiter as a karaka of husbands in a female chart will give a husband who is different. On an extreme negative level, they can bring twisted thinking into the relationship. Jupiter rules the Aakash element. Aakash deals with the knowledge, wisdom, our ability to purify, to repel the negative forces. Jupiter being retrograde weakens the ability to use this tattva.

Vishuddhi chakra will become blocked and this make us feel unprotected and make some wrong choices. Vishuddhi also purifies the poisons; here the poisons of the mind do not always get the right filter.

Venus in Virgo horoscope (All about Virgo Venus zodiac sign)

So we do not know how to stop them from polluting our life. It being retrograde does make us choose unusual alliances. We may have an unconventional view of them or when in marriage or relationship do not know how to express our love well. Venus also deals with femininity and women with Venus retrograde do not always understand how to be truly feminine.

They can become overtly masculine or forget to dress feminine and be feminine. We see this often in male homosexual charts as they want something different from their relationships and their concept of the women in their life is different.

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Venus rules Apas, the water element. Water deals with emotions, taste, happiness and peace. Retrograde Venus can create problems with all these. The Swadhisthana chakra is also blocked. Or they may not like work at all. As Saturn is the karaka of misery, it is important that one must not give into a negative attitude to life and embrace depression as a habit.

Saturn is usually depicted as the poor man. The poor are usually hungry - for food, for material goods, for good things in life. Saturn retrogression can make individuals hungry with desire, wanting more and more even when the hunger has been appeased and they may be materially very well off. They need to watch for greed. Saturn rules Vayu ement. Vayu is air and Vayu needs to be used constructively otherwise it can become unnecessarily destructive.

Retrogrades do not know how to use their energy so if they do not take care, Saturn can become destructive force for them. Anahata chakra teaches dispassion and detachment. When this chakra is blocked by retrogression then they can find it difficult to detach.