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It is in tune with the Nadi and Navamsa concept of Nadi Astrology. I have made a humble attempt to handle the subject of Horary Astrology in simple, lucid and scientific way. Topics pertaining to each house have been dealt to enable the reader to master the scientific way of predictive techniques. Timing events and use of Transits have been explained in very clear, practical, illustrative and rational basis.

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Hope these efforts to unearth the ancient concepts of Astrology will make the readers proud of Astrology. To conclude I would request the readers to remember that horary chart is not a substitute for a true natal chart. It should be analysed only for a particular aspect upon which the mind of the native was focused at that time.

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It can, however, be used as a supporting tool when analysing a natal chart. Notify me when it's available:.

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God is the supreme underlying intelligence behind all the creation. By surrendering you allow the Divine Intelligence to guide your actions. More wisdom Horary Astrology and Cuspal Interlinks by S.

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Cuspal Interlink Astrology by Shri R.S.Chani

This is called Cuspal longitude of ascendant where certain sign, star, sub and sub-sub rise. With respect to ascendant Cuspal longitude, other houses and Cuspal positions form. Cuspal position is co-ruled by the sign lord, star lord, sub lord and sub-sub lord.

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In Cuspal Interlinks Khullar System , sub-sub arc is practically ultimate division and Cuspal sub-sub lord is the agent who interacts with other Cusps and Bhava. In Cuspal Interlinks Theory Mr. Khullar has uniquely described all about the interaction and interlinks or interrelationship of Cuspal sub-sub lords. Every sub-sub lord establishes relation with other cusps and Bhavas in a definite way. A Cuspal sub-sub lord i. Nature of such established relation of Cuspal sub-sub lord and cusp is further specified and modified by the sub lord of the Cuspal sub-sub lord.


That Cuspal sub-sub lord is meaningfully related with that cusp or not; it is revealed the sub-sub lord of the Cuspal sub-sub lord. In other words, In Cuspal Interlinks Matrix, a planet relates with others cusp or becomes significator of that cusp s where Nakshatra Lord of a planet or planet itself in case of PS appears in the Cuspal position.

It is termed as the planet involved the cusp through its star lord. Likewise, wherever sub lord of the planet appears in Cuspal position, it. If this committed cusp is in favourable position with respect to involved cusp then we say that the planet is fruitful significator of the involved cusp where planets star lord has appeared. The Sub Sub Lord of Sub Sub Lord of planet will declare the culmination of the involvement and commitment of the planet. That is, Sub Sub Lord of Cuspal Sub Sub Lord is a planet that gives hint of fruitfulness of the significationship of the planet for involved cusp s.

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It becomes fruitful significator of those cusps if the planet is favourably com mitted. Cuspal Interlinks rule 1 : A native enjoys significations of those houses only to which Ascendant Sub Sub Lord maintain relation. Cuspal Interlinks rule 7 : Transit agreement is shown by the way of signification and excitation of relevant cusps in the natal chart. Cuspal Interlinks rule 9 : A promised event happens in the joint period of planets that are fruitful significator of those. Cuspal Interlinks rule 10 : Vimshottari Dasha is sequential in nature, which has a hidden meaning.

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Each succeeding period can enact an event only when it's proceeding Dasha Period Lord permits the event. Read Free For 30 Days. Cuspal Interlinks Theory - Micro Astrology. Description: bsbsajbb. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Carousel Previous Carousel Next. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Star Lord shows involvement Login Forgot your password? Forgot your username?