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It is up to you to restore good feeling. Once you have done that, you will be able to make your mind up! Developments which are now imminent are likely to have a dramatic impact on your working life and may disrupt your routine in a number of areas.

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A shake-out could prove useful though, even profitable. In the short-run, you may have to spend a little money in order to make more. Right now, only you can decide whether one particular relationship or association ought to become a permanent and ongoing feature of your life. Your life over the past couple of years has often resembled a seesaw, swinging one way, then the other. All the important issues, though, seem to be hidden.

You just need to realise that other people really like you! Horoscope Today, January 10, Taurus — It is for you to gauge the moods of close companions and associates. Capricorn Daily.

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Email address. Daily Compatibility. What a difference a few days can make. The week began with the Moon in Capricorn, wrapping up last weekend's solar eclipse and in the process putting some pressure on your relationships.

Capricorn, January 2017

So when it comes to those aspects , you always want to say yes. Consider how you want to expand your popularity or grow your career, and be real with yourself about how much you can take on. January 12 is an exciting day: Not only will Mercury reenter Capricorn, but we'll also have a full moon in Cancer , and Venus will meet Neptune in Pisces!

Again, Mercury's reentry into your sign , after the retrograde , is a fantastic time for you to express yourself. With the full moon in Cancer's influence, you can bet there will be a lot of emotion behind whatever you have to say! E mpathy is important, especially during this full moon , which will be sensitive as fuck because it's in the most emo sign of all: Cancer. Full moons are always emotional, and they're exhausting, so make sure not to overbook yourself.

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Focus on your partners, and don't be surprised if someone calls , crying , because you're not available. Or if you get frustrated because someone's not there for you!

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It's also important that there is fair give and take in your relationships , and that neither partner is sacrificing too much to nurture the other. This full moon will bring to light issues in your relationships so that you can address them and move forward!

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If you're unsure of where you stand in a partnership, whether the relationship is romantic or with a friend or business partner, you can expect to understand more as a result of this full moon. Better perspective is the gift this Cancer moon will leave behind!

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Sweet Venus in Pisces will meet psychic Neptune on the same day as the full moon, and they will light up the sector of your chart that rules communication—this means your intuition will be sharp as fuck, Capricorn! This is also a romantic, whimsical, whisked-off-your-feet vibe, so if trouble is stirred up by the full moon, don't worry ; Venus and Neptune will help soothe the pain with plenty of kisses.

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Neptune's the planet of escape and fantasy—Venus wants to make out, go shopping , and eat delicious food. Escape wisely today, Capricorn!

On January 19, the Sun enters Aquarius, lighting up the financial sector of your chart—exciting! Aquarius is the sign of invention, and you'll surely come up with great ideas to increase wealth and abundance in your life while the Sun rolls through this genius Air sign. A fantastic day for money magic , and spiritual or emotional work on your self - esteem , will arrive on January 27 with the new moon in Aquarius!

Also on January 19, action planet Mars , in Pisces , will square your ruling planet, Saturn, in Sagittarius.