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Ay Yay Burcunda! Her Black Moon apogee the furthest point in the lunar ecliptic from the Earth is right on Neptune in His ruling sign of Pisces, opposing the Goddess of Commitment, asteroid Juno. This is where she does her best work, and this will definitely take the edge off of the intensity right now. This is a. Ma se quando raccogli la carta tra le tue mani risulta girata, i suoi sentimenti potrebbero non essere troppo solidi.

Depending on where you live, Pluto will be going direct either today or tomorrow.

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Can you imagine? What would the world without Instagram look like? What I am asking you is, you are all here—try to meet each other, try to know each other, try to shake hands with each other. Happy Summer Solstice, embrace yourself , embrace each other, embrace your light. Harmony is the answer here!

Since romance and love is in the agenda during your season, you may find yourself getting riskier in love. This is not only your romantic energies, but Scorpio season is on its way and they are more intense when it comes to the romantic feels. Take the risk and have fun. Just be safe in the end. It would be wise to get your chores, errands, and other activities done for the week early so you can just chill out and relax. When it comes to working with others, although you enjoy your way of doing things, try to work with others and be diplomatic this week.

You may learn new tricks to get things done and new ways to succeed when it comes to your objectives. Libra season will have you committing either way! So take the easy way and go with it- even if it is not your usual way of accomplishing tasks. LEO- A busy week is ahead of you Leo. This week will make you feel rushed and may just pass right by you! But not to worry, you thrive off of fast environments like that. On the other hand, relationships may also be passing you by.

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This is a good week to truly see your worth. If your relationship is not meeting your standards it is time to move on!

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Hit the road jack! Find someone better to fill your needs and give you the love you deserve. Libra season is all about balance, and sometimes you can be TOO generous Leo.

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  4. Check it before you break it. Thanks to Mercury in retrograde, there will be some underlying issues you never realized between you and your significant other. Or perhaps an important family, or friend. Whatever this may be, these are big lessons you need to realize, Cancer. Secrets and mysteries will come to the surface, but in the end, love and romance will conquer.

    Let your emotions pass, and instead, observe why you feel the way you feel. Observe the actions and words, and what you can do to grow. This is part of your spiritual journey- and the lesson Libra season wants to teach you! But not to worry, you are used to this. You can handle whatever pops up- and not all of it will be bad! In fact, you may find yourself socializing a lot more than usual. New connections may be made this week with people who simply want to converse with you!

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    You may feel the need to research some things too, and get your mind moving as the retrograde progresses. If you are self- employed- all the better. Your mind will be on the money, and you will be surrounded by good people to help you succeed. The Aries Full Moon on the 13th will also spark your creative drive, and you may find yourself doing a lot of brainstorming on your own. Either way, you are pioneering a whole new path in your life right now. You will succeed from having the love of those who support you the most Taurus.

    ARIES- Libra season is not over yet, and your passions for a significant other may still be running high. But hopefully you will learn this week that you having some help on your journey is wonderful. You not only get things done without so much on your shoulders, but you can create some pretty significant connections along the way. However, by the end of this week it is very necessary to have some alone time. On October 13th, there will be a Full Moon in your sign, and you will be very much reminded that being alone and doing your own thing must be balanced with working amongst others- or spending time with loved ones.

    You have things to do, and while Libra season wants you to connect with friends, family, and partners- it would be wise to balance this with your alone time. If you balance this out during the week, you would be amazed with all the things you will accomplish! Be sure to love others, but also love yourself. Take the time to rest up in order to get back to doing what you need to do this week. You have your own life to live. Give yourself that peace of mind.

    Whether this is writing, researching, reading, learning, debating- do what makes you happy. Give yourself these moments of peace because the retrograde will spice up your life, throwing obstacles in the way during your everyday activities. Keep your focuses on your objectives and goals, but make sure to give yourself some extra TLC this week. Take this week slowly, and look towards the small things to be happy for. You like to work, and you like to work in your own way.

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    But being able to be at peace with those above you will help you succeed much faster. Get on their good side, and they will notice your valiant efforts to succeed. This can help you grow towards a promotion or simply through spiritual growth and evolution. Focus on what is important in your life right now, and it will pay off later.

    Venus in Scorpio is about leaving the surface behind and going to the depths. A merging on a soul level without losing yourself. Perhaps soul level mingling would be a safer way to put it. In Libra it was about achieving balance and harmony in relationships. Making sure people remain strong in their individuality within relationships. Hopefully everyone learned some things from tapping into that energy.

    The Sun and Mars are still there, so Libra themes and lessons are continuing in a way. Get intimate. Share secrets.

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    Share your soul. Share your body. This is a very sexual placement as well. Soul level sex. Sex where you peel off all the layers to each other. See how far you can go.

    How much you can connect. Where that point of merging lies where you still know yourself. It can be intense if you tap into fully. Underlying problems need to be transformed or cut away at this time.